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About Us


Carpenter Creek Cellars is the full realization of two dreams: Ed Courtright wanted to grow grapes in northern Indiana to supply wineries in the area, and Randy Rottler hoped to start a small winery. After meeting and discussing some preliminary business ideas, Randy and Ed created a dynamic partnership, starting a small winery and vineyard. Carpenter Creek Cellars began construction in late 2011, opening to the public on March 23, 2013.

Ed’s first grapes were planted in 2002, with the help of his son Byron (these grapes are now known as “Byron’s Vineyard”). The “Big Vineyard” (1.1 acres of Traminette) followed Byron’s Vineyard in March 2012. With vineyards taking root (and plans for more acreage as the winery progresses) and a restored 1919 barn with great growth potential, we desire to share our passion for fine wines and good times with northwestern Indiana and our out-of-town visitors.

Come and visit us – we offer free daily tastings, weekend tours, music events, and plenty of Midwestern hospitality.

Ready to plan a visit?

The Dream Team

Carpenter Creek Cellars is the full realization of two dreams.

Ed Courtright wanted to grow grapes in northern Indiana to supply wineries in the area, and Randy Rottler hoped to start a small winery.

Ed Courtright

The restored barn has been in Ed's family since the early 1900s. He started the vineyard nearly 83 years later.

Randy Rottler

Randy's dream of owning a winery started decades ago, while living in Europe. With his expertise Carpenter Creek Cellars has brought home more than it's share of awards.

Meet Port

As you enter the tasting room, you’ll most likely be greeted by Port. Port came home with us after picking up supplies in Michigan. He loves sailing (starboard side & port side), and never leaves our side at the winery (who doesn’t love a rich, sweet Port.) As sweet as he is, the name came easy. Port succeeds our beloved vineyard pet Gunny.

A must do if you are in the area. Very nice setting for a couples afternoon, a corporate outing, or any group outing. Love their wines, a wine for most any palate. Especially love the Blueberry, Blackberry, Peach and Strawberry when in season and available. Staff is very friendly and accommodating.

Joyce Phelps Allman

Wine Enthusiast

Lafayette area's best winery! Award winning wines in a casual and comfortable setting. Staff is great at making you feel like home... The vintner has a masterful pallet of wines. Doesn't just have a few good wines. From dry to sweet, every wine is worth raving about!

Eric Essert

Purdue Alumni

Great wine and great people!! Its all we serve at our restaurant and every one so far has loved it!!! Thank you Carpenter Creek Cellars!

Connie Dowell

Restaurant Owner

Behind the Name

Gunny was a five month old Doberman when he became part of the Courtright family during Christmas of 2004.  He had a great life on the farm and prior to construction, liked to use the barn as his own personal dog house.

March of 2012 brought in many different contractors. Since Gunny liked hanging around the barn he got plenty of attention from all the new faces. It became apparent that Gunny would naturally become the winery dog.

Unfortunately, this eight year old gentle giant was hit on the road in front of the winery and passed away just three months before the winery officially opened.

The winery had two different blended wines that still needed to be named before opening day. It should come to no surprise that in honor of Gunny, the two wines were named Gunny Red and Gunny White.


Our soil conditions are favorable to root growth due to the good aeration, loose texture, moderate fertility, exceptional internal and surface draining sandy loam.


On average, there are 195 sunny days per year. Temperature can fluctuates to extremes, yet the vineyard can withstand normal winter minimum temperatures with little or no bud damage.


The Purdue Wine Grape Action Team determined that Traminette is widely adapted to the state’s various climates and capable of producing wines of distinctive character and outstanding quality.


1.1 acres of Traminette taken root since 2002 with more sandy loam acreage for future expansion plans.

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